This is a quick tutorial about how to add a thumbnail to custom makeup, for someone in need and someone whom want to add a thumbnail to the file already created.
First off I couldn't put a CAS thumbnail on my 'Super-Sheer Lipstick' (and all makeup except costume makeup)  via CTU and TSRW for some reason. So that's why I'm writing this. Without thumbnails, it's pretty hard to recognize who's what.

To conclude in makeup (except costume makeup), generally CAS thumbnails = THUM 0x626F60CE's group number must be 0x00000000. If it's different CAS thumbnail doesn't work (at least from my experience).
And across the board, thumbnails must be 256 x 256 pixels in PNG format.

Step-by-step tutorials are following below.... (It's simple!)

CTU and s3pe

 1 » Create your makeup using CTU, normally. Don't forget to add a thumbnail.

 2 » Open the package with s3pe.
 3 » Double-click on the line of  'THUM 0x626F60CE'. Then the window pops up.
 4 » Select the the text field of 'Group' and change it from 0x00000001 to 0x00000000.
 5 » Click 'OK'.  Save and done!

How to add a thumbnail to the package without a thumbnail

 1 » Open the package with s3pe.
 2 » Copy your 'Instance' number of 'CASP 0x034AEECB'.
       (Double-click on the line, then the window pops up. Select your 'Instance' number, and you can copy it.)
 3 » Right-click on blank space, select 'Add...'. Then the window pops up.
 4 » Pull-down 'Type' menu, select 'THUM 0x626F60CE'.

 5 » Type in "0" in the text field of 'Group'.
 6 » Paste your 'Instance' number in the text field of 'Instance'.
 7 » Click 'OK'

 8 » 'THUM 0x626F60CE' was added.
       Right-click on the line of it, and select 'Replace...'.
       Choose your thumbnail picture. Now you can see your thumbnail in the right window.
       Save and done!

TSR Workshop

 1 » Create your makeup using TSRW, normally. Don't forget to add a thumbnail. 

 » From the Menu Bar, select 'Edit' > 'Project contents'. Then the window pops up.

 3 » Right-Click on the line of 'PNG_PREVIEW', select 'Renumber'. Then the window pops up again.

 4 » Check 'Group Id' box. Then the text field '0x00000000' comes to active. Click 'OK'.

 5 » Now you can see 'GroupID' of 'PNG_PREVIEW' was changed 0x00000001 to 0x00000000.
       Click 'OK' and done!

CTU = v1.9.3569 / s3pe = v10-1227-1234 / TSRW = v2.0.10.25106
Game version = 1.19.44 / 2.14.4 / 3.10.4 / 4.7.4 / 5.5.4 / 6.2.4 / 7.0.55

This sheer finish lipstick offers natural shine with detailed lip texture. Also this lipstick has only one recolorable channel, and so is simple to use. It's for both genders, from teen to elder. And for reference, I used this lipstick on previews of "Cat's Eye Glasses".


  • Type : Makeup > Lipstick
  • Gender : Both
  • Age : Teen to Elder
  • Category : All
  • Cast-able Channel : 1

General / Compatibility

  • Requirement : No EP
  • Format : Package
  • Custom Thumbnail : CAS
  • Build + Test : Game version 7.0.55 (BG+WA+HEL+AMB+FL+LN+OL)


Download { } 

These are cat's eye shaped glasses. A simple and classic shape for various uses. Available three styles, and for from child to elder females. Meow!!


  • Type:  Accessory > Glasses
  •  Gender: Females
  • Age: Child to Elder
  • Cast-able Channel:   Basic & Dark Shade = 3, Half Crystal = 2
  • Not Random


  • Requirement: No EP
  • Mesh: Custom mesh (has all LODs)
  • Custom thumbnail: Yes (Launcher + CAS)
  • Test: game version 6.1.11x (BG+WA+HEL+AMB+FL+LN)

Polygon Counts

  • Basic & Dark Shade:
    LOD 0 =  1040 Polys / LOD 1 =  604 Polys / LOD 2 = 271 Polyss / LOD 3 = 133 Polys
  • Half Crystal :
    LOD 0 =  1048 Polys / LOD 1 =  619 Polys / LOD 2 = 285 Polyss / LOD 3 = 165 Polys


  • Package and Sims3pack available
  • Includes three styles, and each style has two files. One for AF, one for CF.
    AF = Adult Female (for teen, young adult, adult, elder), CF = Child Female (for child)


Download { BOX }  - sims3pack
Download BOX }  - package
Download { MediaFIre }  - sims3pack
Download MediaFIre }  - package
Download { MTS }  - package
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