Cat's Eye Glasses Version 2.0

August 24, 2016

I've updated "TS4 cat's eye glasses". Now available for all ages, both genders. And added sunglasses version. Please re-download them, and replace old files.

Type ---------- Accessory > Glasses
Gender ---------- Unisex
Age ---------- Teen to Elder)
Swatch ---------- Clear lens 18, Dark shades 18
Random ---------- Disable
Mesh ---------- Custom
Thumbnail ---------- Custom
Requirement ---------- The Sims 4 (BG)
Content ---------- Each download includes clear and dark lens files.

The Sims 4 / EA /MaxisSims 4 Studio

👩👨👵👴 TEEN to ELDER
DOWNLOAD ----- No AdFly 😊

DOWNLOAD ----- No AdFly 😊

📥"DOWNLOAD" opens new window, and go to or start to download from SimFileShere. If you have trouble with download links, please direct download from my SimFileShare folder.
Thanks for your support 🙏 

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  1. I've always liked these glasses thanks, is the sun screen on the male your artwork or a make up mod? if so where can I find it because it looks cool.

    1. Hi and thanks, Phil. That sun screen is default makeup. can find it in face paint section of both gender. Cool!

    2. How did I miss that? Now i feel really stupid... Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, and thank you again for all the cool stuff

    3. Welcome, Phil!! Thanks : )

  2. Love it! I need more of your CC :P

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Excellent work on the glasses! Where could I find the hair you used on the models? I especially like the female's braid. Thanks!


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