[TS3] Cat's Eye Glasses for Ladies

February 05, 2011

These are cat's eye shaped glasses. A simple and classic shape for various uses. Available three styles, and for from child to elder females. Meow!!


  • Type:  Accessory > Glasses
  •  Gender: Females
  • Age: Child to Elder
  • Cast-able Channel:   Basic & Dark Shade = 3, Half Crystal = 2
  • Not Random


  • Requirement: No EP
  • Mesh: Custom mesh (has all LODs)
  • Custom thumbnail: Yes (Launcher + CAS)
  • Test: game version 6.1.11x (BG+WA+HEL+AMB+FL+LN)

Polygon Counts

  • Basic & Dark Shade:
    LOD 0 =  1040 Polys / LOD 1 =  604 Polys / LOD 2 = 271 Polyss / LOD 3 = 133 Polys
  • Half Crystal :
    LOD 0 =  1048 Polys / LOD 1 =  619 Polys / LOD 2 = 285 Polyss / LOD 3 = 165 Polys


  • Package and Sims3pack available
  • Includes three styles, and each style has two files. One for AF, one for CF.
    AF = Adult Female (for teen, young adult, adult, elder), CF = Child Female (for child)


Download { BOX }  - sims3pack
Download BOX }  - package
Download { MediaFIre }  - sims3pack
Download MediaFIre }  - package
Download { MTS }  - package

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  1. oh! so cool! thank you :)
    great presentation as always

  2. These are SOO amazing. Thank you so much.

  3. Oh my, tamo!! ♥ ♥ ♥!!

  4. Oh, they are so lovely! Thanks!!!!

  5. These are awesome! I love the mesh, the textures, designs, models, it's all great! Thanks so much Tamo :)

  6. Love these glasses, as well as your skins, eyes, and other matix-match content! :)

    But how do you get your sims to smile so pretty? Is it an ingame animation or something like photoshop?

  7. Tamo, these are AWESOME! I've been wanting some cool cat-eye glasses forever. Thank you so much. Your Sims are beautiful, too -- cute and maxis-match without looking weird and pudding-y. By the way, I'm using your face skins and eyes, and I absolutely love them.

  8. Thanks for making these glasses in high quality. I am so glad I waited to download this style, others just didn't make the cut. Amazingly beautiful.

  9. Beautiful!! Thanks so much!! :)

  10. These are brilliant! Thank you :)

  11. OHMY this is greeeeeat, i love ur blog :)

  12. Wow these are amazing!
    very well done, I was waiting for a pair of cat eye glasses! I love them!
    Thank you so much for sharing these!

  13. Awesome glasses! Thank you for sharing! =)

  14. Yay another fab update! These are great Tamo, thanks for sharing them :)

  15. Great. Excactly what i was waiting for. Thank you very much.

  16. Hey, greennoodle, Evie, 'Oh my' aWT, alex, Anon and Anon, Robodl95, 3rd Anon, Jenba, B, Phoenix, bau, Gabriela, Anisca, Elena, lemonjelly, Frau Herzlich!
    Thanks for your nice comments really!
    I'm so happy you like 'em. You know, because I'm a sucker for glasses. : )

    3rd Anon: These smiles are all in game animations.
    I always use 'dance' command to make sim smile softly. Because it's easy (just need a stereo and it doesn't need a long time). Just dance, and pause the game when sim smile (or anytime you like).
    Dance! pause! Snap! : )

    Jenba: Oh you using my face skins and eyes? Wow thanks<3

  17. Thank you so much for these! I actually wear cat-eye glasses, and have been waiting for someone to create a pair! Thanks so much again. <3

  18. These are Amazing! Thank you for making these Wonderful Creator!

  19. Also... May I ask what kind of skintone you used in these sims?

  20. Nevermind, I found it here! Thank You

  21. LOVE these tamo, they're totally awesome! Thanks so much for sharing. Btw can I be a pain and ask what lipstick you used on the models?

  22. Brooke, thanks. Love cat-eye glasses!!

    Anon, thanks! : )

    beatdoc, thanks<3 That lipstick is my original. Maybe I'll upload it after a little brush up.

  23. Oooh I love the lipstick too. I would be thrilled if you put it up for download. My sims are all the more pretty thanks to your faces, eyes and fab glasses. May I ask what bodies you use? I am using HP's at the moment but i'm being nosey :)

  24. I'm in love! These remind me of like old school teacher with a gigantic ruler... THANK YOU!

    This is my blog : http://nubshi.blogspot.com/

  25. Lol, of course those lips are by you Tamo, Pretty much every creation of yours I need desperately in-game :) I hope you put it up for dl sometime.

  26. lemonjelly: Thanks again!
    I'm using EA's default so far. It's a very neutral and textures are nicely smooth. Basically I'm almost happy with it except fuzzy details (especially nail!)
    But the main reason to use default is for space saving(!) My PC is old and needs a special care ; P

    Nubshi: Oh thank you! and thanks for the link.

    beatdoc: Lol, thank you. Oh my I'm so motivated!!

  27. Wow!! BEAUTIFUL!! :D

    And that model with the black bob.... you need to upload her soon! :P

  28. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing. ♥

    Also, the Sim on the end of the first pic and the second pic has the cutest face I've seen on Sims 3 Sim. Any chance you would upload her? Please?

  29. not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but the package file .rar only seems to have an image in it and no actual package. when i unrar i just get a lovley picture of the glasses XD. any chance of a re-upload?

    thanks anyway for these. i love your stuff! :D

  30. bah. scratch that. i didn't realize you put the packages in sub-folders xD. nevermind sorry haha.

  31. Thanks Anon! Ah probably I can upload her soon : )

    Welcome . Yeah I put files in sub-folders ; p Thanks!

  32. I cant download the simspack nor package. Is something wrong with the site? I have no probs about my connection.

  33. ^Anon, thanks for your report. It seems like something wrong with box.net.
    Now I changed the download link temporary.

    And also 'package' is available at MTS. MTS doesn't need registration/log-in to download now.
    HERE: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=433400

  34. Can you upload all the sims? Please.

  35. Anon I'm not sure I can upload all, but I'll upload the girl with the pink glasses for now. Thanks : )

  36. And the blond and red? they are so pretty ...

  37. Thanks Anon! But I'm not planning it now, sorry.

  38. super cute! ^_^

  39. These are spectacular ;) Love em!

  40. I have wanted glasses like these for my sims for so long now!!! Thank you!!!!!

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