Cropped Turtlenecks for female

October 25, 2015

These are basic cropped turtleneck tees (or sweaters). Two versions available. One is long sleeves. Another is sleeveless and cuffed neck. Both has same 17 colors. And Download includes both packages.

Type ---------- Clothes > Top
Gender ---------- Female
Age ---------- Teen to Elder
Swatch ---------- 17
Random ---------- Disable
Mesh ---------- Custom
Thumbnail ---------- Custom
Requirement ---------- The Sims 4 (BG)

The Sims 4 / EA /MaxisSims 4 Studio

📥"DOWNLOAD" opens new window, and go to or start to download from  SimFileShere via AdFlay. If you have a trouble with AdFlay, please direct download from my SimFileShare folder.
Thanks for your support ☺ 

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  1. Wow! Have you seen that LifeSimmer also downloaded this! Your talented!

    1. That's so funny I came here to find this because of her!

    2. Actually just because Lifesimmer downloaded this does not make the creator special, sure they can make cc and its awesome but you don't have to prioritise people just because a Youtuber has downloaded it. Lifesimmer is a normal person, who downloads cc.

    3. omg SAME!! anyone know where LifeSimmer got her watermelon dress that she used in her 3 minute cas challenge

    4. omg SAME!! anyone know where LifeSimmer got her watermelon dress that she used in her 3 minute cas challenge

  2. UrbanSims (aka Jen) used this as well. Didnt know Lifesimmer used this. On what sim did she used it??

    1. She used in on Sabrina in her latest Get Together LP (Part nine)

    2. Oh I saw the video like 20 minutes ago. Thanks!!!

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  4. guys its not coming into my game i have redowloaded it several times pls help me! xD also if u play sso add me im Ashley OakRider :)
    have a AMAZINGGGG day!
    ~molly(ur internet friend :3)

  5. The Adfly page is not working properly. After the five seconds I click on the button but it just keeps loading until it shows an error because it is taking too long to load. I tried turning adblock off but it is the same...

    1. Sorry. Please direct download from my SimFileShare folder. Thanks for your support ☺


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