"Matsu No Yu" - Japanese Bathhouse (No CC)

This is a very typical, very traditional Japanese sentō. I made for a replacement of Hanamigawa Park in Mt.Komorebi. Senba-Machi/Wakaba has real vibe of small old "Onsen" town. And there is a hot spring decoration in the map.  Need sentō or onsen, isn't it? It wouldn't be nice to walk along a river lined sakura trees after taking bath? It feels like nostalgic Japanese life. 🌸🗻🎌

I used "Kodakara Yu" at "Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum" as a reference for this build. I love this park and visited several times. The wooden double-height interior of this sentō' is very beautiful and feel liberating.
🔍You can see "Kodakara Yu" 360°Panoramic View 

And this time I very limited use "MOO" cheat. When I tested it was fine to place this lot with no MOO. But I can't get sure. The build mode now is seems like a bit glitchy, especially platforms. Just to be safe, I recommended to place the lot with "bb.moveobjects on". 

Lot Type ----------- Onsen bathhouse
Lot Size ------------ 30 * 20
Price ---------------  § 101,629
1st Floor ----------- Hot springs, sauna, TV, vending machines, Massage chairs

"Matsu No Yu (松の湯) is a very typical, very traditional Japanese sentō, has been familiar as the relaxation spot for locals in a century. They value the interaction with neighbors. These public bathhouses has been nurturing an open relationship. All equal when naked. Don't be shy! Let's skinny-dip in natural hot spring of Senbamachi. "


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