"TheCaboose" Renovation (No CC)

Hey. I've renovated a bar named "The Caboose" in Evergreen Harbor to vegetarian restaurant. Also this works as bar too. The exterior is almost same as original, as I love that old station vibe. But I added glasshouse area for to eat with great view.  No CC.  Please place it with "MOO(bb.moveobjects)" on.

My buildings is not so special wow looking, but I'm always triying to be easy to play and to be screenshot friendly. So I'm stick with lightings especially, it's really important for photo shooting and atmosphere of the space. 
Anyway I hope you like it 😊

"This reanovated old train station is a vegetarian restaurant that delight for the senses and the palate. They serves you awesome world-wide veggie menu that made from local organic productions.  According to their website !"

Lot Type ----------- Restaurant (or Bar)
Lot Size ------------ 30 * 20
Price ---------------  § 101,629
1st Floor ----------- Host station, Tables, Kitchen, Bar, TV, Speaker, dance floor
2nd Floor ---------- Bathrooms, closet

The Sims 4 / EA /MaxisS4TI (Tray Importer)

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