[TS3] Sim: Brooke & Taja

March 09, 2011

Brooke Nagoya is the model sim who appeared on the preview pics of  "Cat's Eye Glasses". Taja Barnes is the model sim who appeared on the preview pics of  "Super-Sheer Lipstick". They're both young adult females.
It's a whatever thing, but just for the record. I'm using Brooke as my avatar at the moment, but, duh, she is nothing related to me. Unfortunately. ゚ x ゚  Feel free to do anything to her (and Taja)!

Brooke Nagoya

- [Everyday] Shoes » AM to AF High Tops Conversion by Club Crimsyn
- [Everyday] Leggings » Leggings by Lilisims
- [Formal] Dress » Sassafrock by EA T-Mobile (Free)
- [Athletic] T-Shirt » WikiWikiWiki by EA T-Mobile (Free)
- [Athletic] Leggings » Leggings by Lilisims
- Glasses » Cat's Eye Glasses by tamo

- Eyeliner » Eyeliner K by subaxi
- Eyebag » Eyebag [Costume Makeup] by tifa
- Lipstick » Super-Sheer Lipstick! by tamo

Hair, Skin, Eyes
- Hair » Conversion CS fhair 82 by cazy
- Skin Color » 'FawkesPaleSkin' from Euphoria ~ 12 NON DEFAULT Skin Colour by Fawkes
- Skin (Default) » Ultra-Plain Faces by tamo
- Eyes (Default)  » Ultra-Plain Eyes by tamo

  • To download from EA T-Mobile: Sign in with your TheSims3.com account. And enter the code "getConnected".
    Reference: http://mysims3blog.blogspot.com/2010/08/free-content-at-t-mobile.html
  • UI Mod is unnecessary for using custom skin color (and non-default skin) now. Just scroll the mouse wheel on the skin color panel. 
  • If you don't have Fawkes's skin color, the sim will appear with oddly black skin.
    In that case, please re-select any skin.
  • Download link and sliders/compatibility infos are at the bottom of the post.

Taja Barnes

- [Everyday] Jeans » Dissolving Denim by EA T-Mobile (Free)

- Eyeliner » Eyeliner K by subaxi
- Eyeshadow » EyeShadow_N2 by tifa
- Lipstick » Super-Sheer Lipstick! by tamo

Hair, Skin, Eyes
- Hair » Flapper Fabulous by EA Store (100 SimPoints)
- [Sleep][Swim] Hair » Stunning Starlet by EA Store (100 SimPoints)
- Skin (Default) » Ultra-Plain Faces by tamo
- Eyes (Default) » Ultra-Plain Eyes by tamo


  • Type : Sim

General / Compatibility

  • Minimum Requirements: No EP
  • Recommended Requirements: Late Night EP
  • Format : '.sim' format - No CC is included in the download
  • Build + Test : Game version 7.0.55



    • The sim is packaged with Base GameLate Night EP and some custom contents like shown in wardrobe preview.
      But if you don't have EP or CC, the game will replace missing items with random contents automatically.
    • If you want to tweak their face-structure in CAS, you must have Facial Sliders.
    • How to Install: Put the '.sim' file into the "My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims" folder.
      Found in sim bin of CAS. http://www.modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Game_Help:Installing_TS3_Sims

    Download { box.net } - Brooke

    Download { box.net } - Taja

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    1. OMG what a beautiful girls ,Taja is very perfect,thanks tamo again for ur awesome works))))

    2. Hi, Darkman. Oh thanks : )
      But I realised I've forgot to add the link for Taja 's jeans (And add it now). Sorry.

    3. Wow, Taja is so awesome. I love her. Since I saw her I looked every day at your Homepage if you had upload her. Now it's ready at last :D I have to play her now. Thank you, tamo. I love your stuff.

    4. These two are both so pretty and cute! I love Brooke's clothes.

    5. I've been waiting for this! Tamo, Taja is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
      And Brooke is very unique too. Love all your sims!)

    6. OK, I have to admit here and now that many of my Sims are males with varying degrees of cuteness and/or hotness, but I just can't resist Taja, she's toooo pretty, and I think I'll have start a family to see what happens with her genetics (maybe with Niclaus Cage? Hmm, interesting mix) though I loathe sim babies...

      Thanks a lot!!!

      (She looks like she could have finnish ancestry, maybe?)

    7. Would you be so kind to upload your sims in version with default skins also? :) If player don't have a non-default skin UI, sims with non-default skins mess the standard EA skin choice UI pretty badly.

    8. First of all, thanks for sharing your models with us, they are both gorgeous. I like Brooke the most, she's really cute and I love how the glasses look on her. And Taja somehow reminds me of those beautiful classic actresses of the 20s.

      Again, thank you so much for sharing!

    9. Darn it Tamo, you don't give my game a break. I love Brooke <3

    10. These girls are so cute! Thanks for sharing them Tamo!:) And thanks for listing everything and where to get it. That's always nice!

    11. So cute! Thanks for uploading them. Brooke is adorable and I love the colors and patterns you use for their clothing.

    12. Forgive me, but it seems that the link to the UI Mod to allow for custom skins on Fawkes' page is dead as the creator must have removed the download from MTS and is no longer responding to questions. Is there any way you could upload the mod here? I've been trying to find a replacement but have had no luck and I'd really love to have Brooke's skin color as it is very lovely.

      Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the simming community! Your Sims are the cutest and most realistic ones I've seen. ♥

    13. Nordara
      Thanks! My pace is always slow, ha ha. Really glad you like it : )
      The Lunar Fox
      Thanks! I love that ' WikiWikiWiki' tee deadly. LOL. wikiwikiwiki....
      BTW. Foundation Trilogy is been my favorite all my life. (I just read your profile and found it!)
      Hi thanks! Very welcome. I love your sims too<3
      Thanks! I made her for modeling purpose, and I don't play her much. I'm really curious about her genetics. What'll happen with Nick?! *o* And I didn't think much about the background behind her, but that's nice.
      I use default version of my skin on them. (Sorry for forgetting to mention it at the post)
      So you don't need to install any skin if you don't want. They'll appear with your current default skin!
      1st Anon
      Brooke is my fave too. Yeah, I wanted to give kinda a classic beauty like a classic actress to Taja. Thanks!
      2nd Anon
      LOL thanks and welcome <3
      Hi thanks!! I know this sounds strange but I love listing something. ; p Very welcome!
      3rd Anon
      Thanks! I tried to use bright spring colors on their clothing. Glad you like 'em!
      UI Mod is unnecessary, now. Just scroll the mouse wheel on the skin color panel. You can choose custom color or non-default skins! Try it.
      I really like Brook's skin color too. And wow, thanks, Sara<3

    14. I just love Taja so much. Thanks for sharing her

    15. I really love both sims, great work!!! :)
      I downloaded Taja, but I can't choose her in game. She appears invisible and when I try to modify her, the game crashes.
      I don't know if that matters, but I don't own any EP's.

    16. Thnaks, RD! Glad you like it.
      Anon. Thanks! But sorry for inconvenience. Ummm, I don't know.
      Is your game patched? She's ok when I tested with 'Any Game Starter' before release her.

      And I'll try some test again, when I get around to. Please be patient for a while.

    17. Thank you so much for the quick answer, tamo :)
      I guess the problem is that I didn't install the latest patch, I'm sorry for not checking that up before answering you. (My English may sound a bit weird, sorry :( )

    18. I downloaded both Taja and Brooke and they are just fantastic! They look as lovely in-game as they do in your preview pics. In my game, Brooke is Childish, Clumsy, Eccentric, Genius and Crazy. She is in the Paranormal career, and is happily married to a gorgeous firefighter named Lars, who is crazy about her! LOL
      I haven't played with Taja yet but the game turned her into a Firefighter, so I get to see her when she works at the fire station with Lars. She is so pretty, it's incredible. Anyway, I'm rambling, but thank you sooo much for sharing these Sims! I'm really enjoying them :)

    19. Thanks tamo! Although I only asked for Taja, I really love Brooke too! They're both really pretty and I've downloaded them both :)

    20. Sorry for delay with replies.

      ^Anon: You're welcome!
      ^^Anon: Thank you<3
      It's really fun to hear what's going on with Brooke in your game. Best wishes, Brooke and Lars :D
      Casey: Thanks! Very welcome : )

    21. so if I have a different default skin and download taja and want to set her skin as the one you used on her, but the non-default version, I can just select it in CAS? (I downloaded ultra plain faces non-default but have a different default atm. :3)

    22. hello Tamo!
      thank you for making wonderful sims!
      I tried to get Brooke into my game, but the link to the hair is no longer working Q.Q

      is there any other way we can download the hair? thanks!

    23. laserowl : Yes, just select non default skin in CAS : )

      Anon : Hi, Thanks!
      Ummm... that hair has disappeared from the net?! ...It seems like so.
      I also can't find Anubis's version. Was there any problem?
      So, I couldn't find the download-able link. Sorry for this.

    24. @Tamo

      Thanks for the reply! :D yes it has disappeared Q.Q
      do you still have the hair in your game? is it possible if you can upload it for us?

      p/s: the hair for Brooke is the only missing part. other sims work perfectly, Nicholas Cage looks very cool haha xD

    25. Anon : Hi and thanks! (^_^)
      I still have that hair file. So I wish I could upload it, but due to Cazy's policy, I can't do that. So sorry.

      I have a file share friendly policy, and I'm a totally anti pay-sites. I agree with the attitude of PMBD or some kind of that. But as one of the creator, I don't wanna break creator's policy whether I like it or not. This is my principle. I would appreciate your understanding of this.
      Anyway, thanks!

    26. Hello tamo,i need help.....can you give me all this content for Brooke Nagoya because the links for that content does not work anymore......

      -[Formal]Dress by Sassafrock
      -[Athletic]Shirt by WikiWikiWiki
      -Eyeliner K by Subaxi
      -Eyebag[Custom Makeup] by tifa-(this one i don't understand what they telling me before
      download this eyebag)

      i hope u can give me this 4 mods contents please.............

    27. I like Taja. :D
      She's lovely girl!

      Thank you for making beautiful sim!

    28. love your sims!! Thanks a lot~♥

    29. Cazydarkplace The site no longer exists, can you upload brooke hair please. (sorry for the bad english)


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