[TS3] Plain Store Prius Tee

October 07, 2010

This is the default replacement that make Store's Prius T-shirts (Free) a just simple plain T-shirts. It just replaces the Prius stencil to a empty texture. Bye-bye, Prius. BTW, the original file name of male tee was "amTopEP3ShirtTeeLoose_Prius". EP3?? Tad curious.


  • Type : Default Texture Replacement / Clothing > Top
  • Gender : Male + Female
  • Age : Young Adult, Adult

General / Compatibility


Download  box.net }

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  1. Great, I was hoping someone would do this! I thought the shirts had a lot of potential, but the Prius design really ruined them. EP3? Hmmm... Maybe the mesh will make another appearance in Late Night.

  2. Looks like we will get baggier t shirts for Late Night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1gAnUngr5E at 00:25 seconds.

  3. Hi, thanks, Purplepaws<3 I also think so. That Prius design ruins everything. It's just a car art, but has awful power.

    Anon, oh thanks for the link. Aha, nice! And that muscle tee is hilarious.

  4. Thank you so much Tamo for removing those horrible things!
    I hate they add such things in their content, completely ruins the general game concept in my opinion. Ty, ty, ty! :D

  5. Thank you, aWT! And you are right! Those real life ads aren't fit to be in the sims world.

  6. YAY! No more ugly car print! Can you do the same thing with the eco pack 2 balloon? It's an awesome object but totally ruined by that silly add!

  7. Thanks, Anon! Maybe it's possible. I'll looking into it after thanksgiving break!

  8. Where did you get the guy's hair?

  9. Anon : That is from The Store. "Mid-hawk" ; http://tinyurl.com/2djb4r3 (or included in "Loud, Fast, Clash! - Attiret" set.)

  10. Thanks! I was wondering why I hadn't downloaded this before, when I saw the shirt in game and thought, you know, I really ought to download this. LOL.

  11. Thanks, Claudia ! This loose tee looks good in male sims really!

  12. Hello, Tamo!

    I made a sim recently and used this t-shirt on her (in sportswear outfit). Is it okay to use this t-shirt in screenshots? And is it okay to upload my sim on TSR (I make only free items, no money) with the t-shirt included and proper credits?
    Thank you a lot anyway for your stuff ))

    kid 123

  13. Hi and thanks, kid123!
    Sorry for delay. Blogger had some serious problems lately.
    It's OK. I don't mind it, as long as free. Very welcome!

  14. i feel idiotic but i've been looking for that female sims hair all over. is it a store item?

    1. Yeah, that's a store item. "Can’t Stop the Cool" hair >>> http://goo.gl/4kLAq

  15. Where do you place the package file? I placed it in the usual Mods folder but the shirt wasn't replaced.

  16. Hi, I was wondering where to find those pants? ^-^

  17. unable to download -- broken link :(


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