[TS3] Barnacle Bay and The Lighting Mod

October 20, 2010

Recently I'm playing with Barnacle Bay, using "Outdoor Lighting Tweaks v1.5 by dDefinder". Have you used this mod?This lighting mod is unbelievably amazing! And now the sun is shinin' bright like the air is more clear, and at night the true darkness is falling. It's giving a quite atmosphere to everywhere. And above all, this mod provided the game some beautiful foggy weathers. Just awesome.
I kidnapped Don Lothario from Riverview to Barnacle Bay, I want to restage the good old soup opera with Caliente sisters.
I pretty much like Barnacle Bay more than expected. These are just another random shots.

The main street

Hogan's Deep Sea Diner

Don, call who?

One deep foggy morning

A neighbor goes to work

Look down on the town


At sunset

At night

One dark late afternoon

It looks like pirates are coming

Caliente sisters and Don (This photo is not using the lighting mod)

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  1. Very nice, thank for sharing your try with this mod :)

  2. Looks very nice! I don't have either (neighborhood or lighting mod), but now I'm tempted to get both. :)

  3. I've been eyeing that mod. It looks really spectacular in your game. I think I might add it to mine now! And your pics make me want the Bay as well! LOL! Thank you!

  4. Beautiful shots Tamo! I ♥ every single one of them. :D

  5. Oh thank you, Tyty, Purplepaws, Phoenix, ajOya!
    Lighting mod is really awesome. Sunset and foggy weathers are so beautiful.
    I like Barnacle Bay, I'm happy with it. But I don't know it's worthy of 1650 SimPoint. I think all Store items are ridiculously high price!!

  6. Amazing screenshots tamo! *_*
    I did not knew that mod was actually working with Barnacle Bay? :O
    That's is SOOO GREAT TO HEAR!
    I always used this since it first came out, it's amazing. Change your experience drastically. Doesn't it?

  7. Thanks, aWT! : )
    Yeah, exactly it does! This mod changes the game experience drastically as you say. I was really impressed by that. And I became to want "seasons EP" so badly.

  8. A seasons EP is a must in TS3, imagine, snow and weather, raining while you are at your apartment. *-*
    I tried this mod with Late Night, it didn't changed the weather, unfortunately.
    I will try to look what is changed in the ini, maybe we can recreate it for Late Night. ._.

  9. aWT, I want to see a world covered with snow as far as the eye can see! Also a rainy day might be beautiful. And lightning? gasp
    And you will try to figure out the setting of Late Night?! Yay!!!! You're truly a genius!! I hope you a good luck! ty

  10. did you use brighter balanced or darker?

  11. adssss: Really sorry for delay.... I was using brighter version.


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