[TS3] Mock Mods Glasses

August 24, 2010

These glasses were recycled from my "Wayfarer"-like eyeglasses. I used same textures, just modified the shape. Available for both genders, from child to elder.

These pictures are NOT photoshopped (except the frame of overlap image in second pic).


  • Type : Accessory > Eyeglasses
  • Gender : Both
  • Age : Child to Elder
  • Category : Everyday, Formal, Sleep, Swim, Athletic (valid for Makeover, invalid for Random)
  • Cast-able Channel : 2 (Rim, Frame)
  • Preset Colors : Black, Tortoiseshell (the one of guy in second picture)

General / Compatibility

  • Requirement : No EP
  • Format : package, sims3pack
  • Mesh : Custom
  • Custom Thumbnail : CAS, Launcher
  • Build + Test : Game Version 4.2.32x (BG+WA+HELS+AMB)

Update History

  • Oct 22, 2010 : Added CAS/Launcher thumbnails. Remade with TSRW 2.0.


Download { box.net } - package
Download { box.net } - sims3pack

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  1. They look good!)
    And whoa, no photoshop???)) You must have a great graphic card) Cool quality screens)

  2. i love you so much. <3

  3. These are amazing. <3

    If you wouldn't mind, could you upload a few pictures of the method by which you do your lighting? You're one of the few people who knows how to use lighting really well, and I'd love to see how it's done.

  4. BlackSweety : Thanks! But my graphic card is GeForce 9600GT. At best fairly. ;P
    maryjane. : Thanks(^-^)
    helaene : Thanks. I love your works<3<3
    emmies : Thank you<3 I don't mind. I'll post my method later. But honestly it's not so special.

  5. Thank you. :) I look forward to it.

  6. Please..what skintone did you use?
    Very Beautiful these glasses

  7. Builder : Thanks. Those face skintones are by me (and bodies are EA). "Ultra-Plain Faces": href="http://linna.modthesims.info/download.php?t=415586

  8. Love these glasses. Thank you for sharing. :)

  9. SimGoddessByline : Thank you!

  10. These are just what I needed...thanks for sharing!

  11. You're welcome, courtney-shea!

  12. Hey, these are beautiful :)
    Can you tell me were the brown bob on the female model is from? It looks perfect for my game as well as your lovely glasses :P

  13. Hi, thanks Anon! That bob is EA's, from High-End Loft Stuff. It suits that model girl. The texture is not bad, but to be honest the shape is hard to use. Just for information. ;)

  14. The rim and frame won't show up in my game. Only the two glass parts.

  15. sim 3 player Which are you using? pakage or sims3pack? And what is your game version? I'm using this with game version 4.2.3 and 4.3.4 (BG+WA+HELS+AMB), and everything is OK. And I've not heard bug reports so far. Sorry, I have no idea why.
    But if you're using other CC,I think there is a possibility that something affects it.
    I keep in mind your report. Thanks.

  16. I installed the sims3pack on game version 4.3.4 with all the expansions installed. I also installed the the Wayfarer glasses as a package and they show up fine. I'll see about other CC I have installed. Thanks for your help.

  17. Thanks, sims 3 player. just in case, I re-created those files with newest TSR Workshop.
    And everything's OK in my test. I'm not sure... but please re-download and try it, if you wish. Thanks.

  18. It still doesn't show up completely, but I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

  19. sims 3 player, thanks for the reporting. Sorry for can't help you.

  20. This is probably a game glitch, but when I use these, the face of the sim appears to go slightly transparent - only in the thumbnail of them at the left side of the screen, in notifications, other sims' tasks involving them, and the relationship thumbnail. So in the bit on the left, the sim's face will appear green (as long as they're in a good mood, yellow or red otherwise), but in another sim's relationship thumbnail of them, it'll look blue with the background. It's happened with adult and child sims. My game's Base Game only, but patched to 1.18, but this happened when it was patched to 1.17 too. Any ideas Tamo?

  21. ^Anon : Hi. Thank you for your specific report, and sorry for delay.
    Um...in all honesty, I have no idea. Sorry. Wish I could help.
    So far it's working fine in my game(all EPs & SPs/version 6.1.11).
    TSR Workshop was updated for new patch recently. Just in case I will try to rebuild again with newest TSRW. Anyway I keep in mind your report. Thanks.

  22. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the lipstick on the blonde sim? Thank you!

  23. Anon, I don't mind! That lipstick is Peggy's free item. >> http://goo.gl/HrtqE

  24. Thank you so much! :D And thanks for creating such gorgeous items, too!

  25. So sad I can't download these, they were my favorites! :(

  26. Sad... Box no longer has this file. Is there any way you can upload these elsewhere? I would truly love to have them in my game!

  27. hello! I am having the same trouble I'm not able to download these from Box or the other link provided. I would love to add these to my sims game if there is any way possible :)

  28. unable to download, even when following this blog.
    please fix the links ;p

  29. Hey Tamo, are these glasses compatible for game version 1.50?
    If they aren't will they be in the future?

    1. Hi,Anon. Sorry for delay.
      These glasses are compatible for game version 1.50
      All my glasses are still fine at least in my game.

  30. The links are not down, click the word Download and not "Box.net" as that will simply take you to the Box homepage.


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