Some Updates at the end of August

August 30, 2010

Hey. I updated "Aviator Glasses with Clear Lends". Now available for both genders. Download at here. And I added separate files of "Ultra-Plain Faces" for various use. Check it at MTS.
And and, I changed the blog template. I will improve this blog little by little. And and and, that "Search This Blog" widget is sometimes broken at some words. It's a Google/Blogger's issue. I'll wait and see, for some time.

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  1. ^ i hope,

  2. Of course I'm NOT!
    Thank you, brit.the.twit and Anon.

  3. Drew : It's the store's hair. Bandana >>

  4. Oh my JESUS! Now I can recreate my Dad! Thank you so much! And where did you get the eyeliner? Or did you make it?

  5. Nubshi, yeah that eyeliner is my original. But I abandoned that.... Anyway thanks!


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