[TS3] Wayfarer-like Eyeglasses

May 23, 2010

Finally I made new 'Wayfarer'-like glasses for TS3. They are almost same shape as my Buddy Holly-ish glasses for TS2. But I re-made the mesh and textures. Totally brand-new and better. And....they have three CAST-able channels (rim, frame, plumbbob trim) and two preset colors (black, tortoiseshell ). Available for both genders, from child to elder. Hope you like it.


  • Type : Accessory > Eyeglasses
  • Gender : Both
  • Age : Child to Elder
  • Cast-able Channel : 3 (Rim, Frame, Triim/Plumb-bob)
  • Preset Colors : Black, Tortoiseshell

General / Compatibility

  • Requirement : No EP
  • Format : Package
  • Mesh : Custom
  • Custom Thumbnail : No
  • Build + Test : Game Version 3.1.7x (BG + WA + HELS)

Polygon Counts

  • Lod 0 : 846 polys / 643 Vertices 
  • Lod 1 : 531 Polys / 553 Vertices 
  • Lod 2 : 272 Polys / 456 Vertices 
  • Lod 3 : 126 Polys / 276 Vertices 


Download { box.net } 
Download { MTS } 

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  1. Wow! I really love your blog. I have bookmarked this page so I can come back again to check it out. I just hope you keep up the good work. Anything about eyeglasses and I get excited. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks, Eyeglasses. It's a nice name!
    Actually I love glasses. I'd like to create more glasses in the future.

  3. I like it *000*

  4. Cool glasses, Tamo! How did you come up with those glasses? I especially like the golden yellow one; it perfectly fits my complexion. Well, keep on making this stuff, Tamo!

  5. in sims3.pack please

  6. sims3.pack pleaaaaase :) how does this format work anyway? :O

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It says I'm not invited to download this????

  10. Do you have it downloadable as a .zip file?

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