[TS3] Aviator Glasses with Clear Lens

May 28, 2010

Hi. This is just a clear lens version of default aviator glasses. I just changed only lens colors. This would fit perfectly with the gorgeous guy, or true geeks! Update! Aug 30, 2010 : Available for both genders.

Sample picture: The true geek. I miss you, Chester.

▶ Content
▪ Type
Accessory > Eyeglasses
▪ Gender
Male or Both
▪ Age
Teen to Elder

▶ General / Compatibility
▪ Requirement
▪ Format
Package, Sims3Pack
▪ Mesh
▪ Test
version 4.3.4x (BG+WA+HELS+AMB)

▶ Credit

Download  BOX } - Male / Package + Sims3Pack

Download  BOX } - Both Genders / Package + Sims3Pack

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  1. Please give me your game? XD I love your sims, objects, pics, everything.
    You rock and these are gorgeous. Thanks a lot!

  2. ageiha : Haha. You're welcome! Thanks<3<3

  3. Hooray! Love these!

    tamo, you are made of AWESOMENESS!
    Love your work. :*

  4. aWT : Thank you! And your avatar is killing me, it's too damn cute<3

  5. Wow thank you for converting them for the ladies too!! :P And where is that eyeliner in the preview picture from? It looks sooooo good :D

  6. Thanks, Anon. TS3 glasses mesh can be shared by both genders. I realized it recently(!), so I updated this. I didn't do much for this. haha.

    Oh that eyeliner is by me. Thanks! I'm trying to create heavy bold liquid eyeliners, but not finished yet. Probably I'll upload when it's all done. : ) But I'm not sure I can finish it....

  7. Love love love this! Where does the womans hair happen to be from?

  8. Thanks, Anon! Her hair is from Store. "Bandana" >> http://tinyurl.com/48u7fck

  9. Thanks, tamo! Wish i had simpoints for it! Lol. Thanks so much! love your barnacle bay lighting. did you use balanced? Cause my mornings don't have fog.

  10. Anon: I'm using Brighter version on that Barnacle bay pictures. Thanks<3

  11. I got simpoints! Yay! :D Um, godarn it. Another tiny question, cause im stupid. That dress/shirt you have on the girl is a halter dress right? if its from the store would you mind linking? X_X. Or, you should just upload her. I have your faces and eyes, and i must say..Gorgeous. i was kinda speechless the first time i saw my sim smile, i was like " O_O...THATS GORGEOUS!" thank you for doing such great work, tamo.

  12. Hi, Anon. Her halter-top is "Beady Tankini" >> http://goo.gl/A3Bdf (or included in "Beach Bummin" set). Yes, it's from Store :) I wish I could upload her but I've deleted the data. Jeez. Anyway Thanks for your sweet comment!!

  13. How do I download the sims3pack ? Is it still working? O:


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