Saturday, May 22, 2010

TS2 Conversion: BV Travel + FT Posters

These are conversions of framed "Travel" posters from TS 2 Bon Voyage Expansion Pack. I made three meshes (original size, smaller half and quarter size) like karaskaras' work for TS2. These have two CAST-able parts (frame and mat), and contains 11 posters from TS2.

OCTOBER 3, 2010
These sims3pack files need update. Now these are temporarily unavailable for download. Sorry. Package format files are HERE.

These half and quarter sized frames are SLAVEs (= texture referencing files). They always require original size file as their MASTER. Because these SLAVE files not contain any textures, for economical purpose. They reference the MASTER file and share the textures.

▶ Content
▪ Type
Deco > Paintings
▪ Catalog name
1Collectible Poster by TravelKeeper (same as TS2)
▪ Price
149 (the same as TS2) / Half size 148 / Quarter size 147
▪ Environment
▪ Cast-able Channel
2, contains 11 posters from TS2.

▶ General / Compatibility
▪ Requirement
▪ Format
▪ Mesh

▶ Polygon Counts
▪ Lod 0
162 polys / 190 Vertices
▪ Lod 1
48 Polys / 74 Vertices 

▶ Credit
▪ MAXIS / EA / The Sims 3: for the original mesh and textures.
karaskaras: for the inspiration of awesome smaller frames.
▪ wgroome: for the inspiration of awesome FreeTime poster conversion.
▪ Tools & Resource

Download { MTS } - package

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