Last Update ▶ June 15, 2017
Hack FREE, as long as you keep it FREE!
Feel free to use my stuff in every way you want!

😊YES !

⧫ Making recolor of my mesh/texture.
⧫ Using my mesh/texture/whatever in whole or in part.
⧫ Converting my cc to other sims series.
⧫ Including my CC in your uploads. But I might update my CC without notice. Please keep it in mind.

👺NO !

⧫  Claim my creations as your own.
⧫ Converting my cc to other non-sims games without permission.
⧫ Using my creations for making money.


⧫ Giving me proper credit with a link when using my stuff.
⧫ Leaving comments, or giving me feedback or something!


⧫ I do not take requests. Thank you.