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🙋About "Where can I find?"

I am basically "WCIF" friendly.
I will answer these question as can as possible. But sometimes I can't it. so I can't notice your question sometimes. Sorry.
And If possible, please ask me on Tumblr.
And you may find something on "WCIF" tag on my Tumblr. Please chack it out.

>>> WCIF on my Tumblr

📦About File Name

My TS4 CC files are named by these rules.


  • tamo = My name (Creator's name)
  • AF = Age+Gender. This sample means "Adult" "Female"
    • T = Toddler
    • C = Child
    • A = Adult
      This "Adult" category includes "Teen" "Young Adult" "Elder".
      They're shared one resource.
    • F = Female
    • M = Male
    • U = Unisex
  • Glasses =Category 
  • TS4Cats =Name
  • Solid = Sub-name