EA Hair Catalog - SP06

This is a catalog for EA hair style and "age conversion CC" of them. Essentially I organized this for my game. So it's not completely. If you informed me other conversion hair you know (or a conversion hair you made), I would really appreciate it. Thank you and I hope this helps you.

SP06 - Romantic Garden Stuff

"SP06 Long Soft Wavy"

⧫ Child: Long Soft Wavy For Gilrs --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerRomantic Garden Hair --- by Terminathan
⧫ ToddlerRomantic Garden Stuff Hair --- by ViniSimmer22
"SP06 Med Relaxed"

⧫ ChildMed Relaxed for Boys --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerShort Romantic Swoop --- by Lizzie
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hair Conversions --- by john-sims
"SP06 Long Bow"

⧫ AdultLong Bow Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hair Conversions --- by john-sims
⧫ Toddler: Baby Half Yp No Bow --- by Shysimblr
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hairs --- by Simple Simmer
"SP06 Straight Side"

⧫ AdultSmooth Romance Hair --- by sharkling sims
⧫ ToddlerTot Mops --- by SYNTH x LUUMIA
⧫ Toddler: 04 Hair Conversions for Toddlers --- by Katarina