EA Hair Catalog - GP05

This is a catalog for EA hair style and "age conversion CC" of them. Essentially I organized this for my game. So it's not completely. If you informed me other conversion hair you know (or a conversion hair you made), I would really appreciate it. Thank you and I hope this helps you.

GP05 - Parenthood

"GP05 Med Straight"

⧫ ChildMed Straight --- by dancergirlcb
"GP05 Med Straight Color"

⧫ ChildMed Straight Color --- by dancergirlcb
"GP05 Twists"
"GP05  Long Side Braid"

⧫ Child: GP05 Long Side Braid Conbersion --- by tamo
⧫ ToddlerGP05 Long Side Braid Conbersion --- by tamo
"GP05  Slick"

"GP05 Braids Clips"

⧫ AdultCamille Cornrows --- by Renorasims
⧫ ChildHayley Hair (W/O Clips) --- by Weeping Simmer 
⧫ ToddlerBraids Clips Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
"GP05  Cornrows"