EA Hair Catalog - BG

This is a catalog for EA hair style and "age conversion CC" of them. Essentially I organized this for my game. So it's not completely. If you informed me other conversion hair you know (or a conversion hair you made), I would really appreciate it. Thank you and I hope this helps you.

The Sims 4 - Base Game

"Long Rocker"

⧫ Child: Long Rocker Hair For Gilrs --- by Kiara Zurk
"Updo Bun"

"Pony Tail Bangs"

⧫ ToddlerPony Tail --- by filo4000
"Pony Tail Tight"

⧫ ChildPony Tail Tight For Girls --- by Kiara Zurk
"Afro Medium"

"Long Straight"

⧫ ChildStraight Hair For Girls --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ Toddler: Long Straight Hair Converted --- by Jenny Sims
"Medium Straight Parted"

"Pompadour Spikey"

"Long Wavy"

⧫ Child: Long Wavy Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk

"Long Wavy Shaved"

"Long Wavy No Shaved"

"Short Wedge"

"Med Wavy Swept Soft"

"Short Bob"

⧫ ChildShort Bob For Girls --- by Kiara Zurk
"Curl Side"

⧫ Child: Curl Side Hair for Girls --- by Kiara Zurk
"Long Wavy Updo Princess"

⧫ ToddlerUp Bun --- by filo4000
"Medium Wavy Bangs"

"Long Straight Bangs"

"French Braid Bun"


"Long Braided Pulled Back"

⧫ Toddler: Mesh Conversion --- by filo4000
"Med Textured Curls"

⧫ Child: Big Afro For Small People --- by Esmeralda
"Buns Back"

"Braid Fishtail"

"Braid Fishtail Color"

"Short Straight Pixie"

"Med Straight Edge Asym"

"Granny Bun"

"Long Wavy Over Rt Shoulder"

"Long Wavy Subtle Part"

⧫ ChildLong Wavy Subtle Part --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hairs --- by Simple Simmer
"Long Wavy Poof Pulled Back"

"Pony Med Unkept Bangs"

"Long Wavy Classic"

⧫ ChildLong Wavy Classic For Gilrs --- by Kiara Zurk
"Pigtails Long Wavy Bangs"

⧫ ChildPigtails Hair For Girls --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerPigtails For Toddlers --- by cassie
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hairs --- by Simple Simmer
"Short Blow Dry"

"Pony Mid Braid"

⧫ ToddlerToddler Hairs --- by Simple Simmer
"Long Style Bangs Swept"

⧫ ToddlerBase Game Hair Conversion --- by andreyloversims
"Pony Tail Low Parted"

"Bun Large High"

"Pixie Long"

"Braid Woven Flowers"

"Short Spikey"

⧫ ChildShort Spikey Hair For Boys --- by Kiara Zurk
"Dreamy Crew"

"Medium Long Wavy"

"Pony Tail"

⧫ ChildPony Tail Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
"Dreamy Flip"

"Medium Curly"

"Medium Long"



⧫ Toddler: Fauxhawk Conversion --- by Saartje

"Buzz Cut"

"Balding Stubs"

"Flat Top Textured"

"Pompadour Retro"

⧫ ChildPompadour Retro For Boys --- by Kiara Zurk
"Short Bangs Messy"

⧫ Child: Messy Hair For Boys --- by Kiara Zurk
"Medium Parted Left"

"Short Afro"

"Short Receding"

"Mohawk Punk"

⧫ ToddlerToddler Hair 09 Mohawk --- by filo4000
"Buzz Cut Natural"

"Short Neat"

"Short Sleek"

"Short Crew Cut Side Part"

"Wavy Loose"

"Short Textured"

"Tragic Crown"


"Bangs Sideswept"

⧫ ToddlerNew Hair Style for Toddlers --- by filo4000
"Long Straight"

"Med Clipped Back"

⧫ AdultMed Clipped Back Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
⧫ ToddlerTot Mops --- by SYNTH x LUUMIA
⧫ ToddlerMed Clipped Back --- by frozenfrickfractals
"Girl Medium Wavy"

⧫ AdultMedium Wavy Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
"Braided Pony Tail"

⧫ AdultBraided Pony Tail --- by Anubis
⧫ AdultPonytail Braids --- by Esmeralda
⧫ ToddlerToddler Hairs --- by Simple Simmer

⧫ Adult: Bun Hair Conversion --- by Kiara Zurk
"Braid Simple Back"


⧫ AdultPuffball --- by Anubis
⧫ Toddler: Puffball --- by frozenfrickfractals
"Pony Med Wavy Bangs"

"Mid Straight Bangs"

⧫ ToddlerMed Straight Bangs --- by Faith Okami
⧫ Toddler: 04 Hair Conversions for Toddlers --- by Katarina
"Short Parted"

⧫ AdultTot MopsThe Magnanimous  --- by xldsims
⧫ ToddlerTot Mops --- by SYNTH x LUUMIA
⧫ Toddler: Short Parted Hair --- by MEYOKISIMS
"Messy Spiked"

"Short Fro"

"Straight Bangs"

"Buzz Cut

"Faux Hawk


"Short Straight Bangs"

⧫ Adult: Short Bangs --- by Rope

"Short Preppy Combed"

⧫ Toddler: Toddler Hair Conversions --- by john-sims

"Pig Tails"

⧫ Toddler: Pig Tail Conversion --- by Terminathan

"Curl Short"

⧫ Child+AdultShort Curl Conversion --- by Saartje
"Med Wavy"

⧫ AdultMatt --- by applepiedimples
⧫ ChildMed Wavy --- by simiracle
"Short Spiky"

⧫ Adult: Toddler Male Hair Converted to Adults! --- by ViniSimmer22
⧫ AdultCute Flip --- by Luumia
"Twist Out"

⧫ Child+Adult: Luna Hair --- by weeping simmer