Simlish Clubmaster Ver. 2.0

September 16, 2016

Updated TS4 Clubmaster Glasses and sunglasses. They're totally new! I think they became much better :)  Please re-download and replace the old files.

Update Summary
♦Available for Kids (now for all ages, for both genders).
Two lens colors; Clear and dark shades.
Changed the color swatch.
Fixed dull edge issue. Added correct specular map.
New CAS thumbnails.
♦Updated for gender patch.


    Type ---------- Accessory > Glasses
    Gender ---------- Unisex
    Age ---------- Child, Teen to Elder)
    Swatch ---------- Silver and Gold frames, each 15 colors
    Random ---------- Disable
    Mesh ---------- Custom
    Thumbnail ---------- Custom
    Requirement ---------- The Sims 4 (BG)
    Content ---------- Each download includes clear and dark lens files.

    The Sims 4 / EA /MaxisSims 4 Studio

    👩🧔🧓👴 TEEN to ELDER
    DOWNLOAD ----- No AdFly 😊

    DOWNLOAD ----- Via AdFly / Thank you for your support 😊

    👧🧒 CHILD
    DOWNLOAD ----- No AdFly 😊
    DOWNLOAD ----- Via AdFly / Thank you for your support 😊 

    📥"DOWNLOAD" opens new window, and go to or start to download from SimFileShere. If you have trouble with download links, please direct download from my SimFileShare folder.
    Thanks for your support 🙏 

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    1. Replies
      1. Just click "DOWNLOAD".
        If you have a trouble with AdFlay, please direct download from my SimFileShare folder. Thanks.

    2. Anyone know how eyelashes work with the glasses??
      I want to use eyelashes but I can't with the glasses onnnn.

      1. Hey. So sorry for delay. I use "3D Lashes Version2 for Skin Detail (Experimental)" by Kijiko. Try it.

    3. These are so cute! Can't wait to play with them :)


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