[TS4] “Halvsies” Makever (No CC)

September 13, 2015

Halvsies is a Lounge. It’s included in update patch for Newcrest.
I didn’t change basic floor plans and the appearance.  2nd floor is vip lounge. The entry to VIP lounge is closed by bars. Please delete the bars manually if you want to go upstairs. I usually use 2nd floor on the occasion of a date or private parties. Donwload at The Gallery! CC free!
TAG: #tamo  ID: tamo-sim
Tray files are under the cut.

TAG: #tamo  ID: tamo-sim

Tray Files
Download  SimFileShare }

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  1. Any chance you could upload the tray files for this? It looks amazing, but I can't access the gallery because reasons. ¬_¬

    1. Hey. Thanks! Okay, I'll upload the tray files. Please wait a little while....


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