[TS4] Basic Eyebags

September 29, 2014

This is my old creation. Now these eyebags are included this set. Please download from this post.

It's very simple eye bags. Available for young adult - elder. This eye bags categorized as "skin details". Found in "Forehead" section under "Skin Details".

If you want to use for existing sim in map,  please use cheat code. These cheats allows all CAS abilities!

  1. Open up a cheat console; "CTRL+SHIFT+C"
  2. Type "testingCheats true"
  3. Type "cas.fulleditmode"
  4. Shift + Click of a sim, select Edit in CAS


  • Type : Skin Details > Forehead
  • Gender : Both
  • Age : Young Adult to Elder

General / Compatibility

  • Requirement : The Sims 4
  • Build + Test : Game Version 1.0.728.0. 


    Now these eyebags are included this set.
    Please download from HERE.

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    1. I love this :D Use it on a lot of my sims.

      However, I had a question... I really like the way the sim in the picture looks. Would you consider listing the mods used to make her look that way and/or uploading her so I could download her directly? :)

      (I have the red nose/ear face thing but can't find a perfect match for the rest)

    2. Thanks, Anon!
      I'll upload her to gallery sometime soon. And her CCs are...

      Blush : baby blush #2 by Supertrapb0lous

      Lips :
      Chisami-Mouseblue_Cracked_Lips by chisimi

      HEARTLIPS LIPSTICK by elrsims

      Hair : platinum blonde by eroticsim

      Eyeblows: non default by kijiko-sims

      Eyes : EA or Sunshine by lunarlolily

      And this eyebags. : )

    3. I've been away from blogger and missed some of your newer downloads and wowzas THIS FEELS LIKE AN EARLY CHRISTMAS!! *eternal squees* 8D
      Thank you for all your wonderful work Tamo~

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.


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