[TS3] Ultra-Plain Eyes

August 04, 2010

These are default replacement eyes and tricolor contacts(face mask) that have a plain texture like EA eyes. They don't have dramatic contrast. Instead, neat in-game and Maxis/EA-Match. It suits every sim, I think.
The default eyes are the same as this I up-loaded already.

Same size as EA. Smaller pupils. Defined outline. Similar color tone and fine texture.


  • Type : Eyes / Default Replacement + Contact (Makeup>Face Paint)
  • Gender : Both
  • Age : Toddler to Elder
  • Cast-able Channel : 3

General / Compatibility

  • Requirement : No EP
  • Format : Package
  • Custom Thumbnail : CAS
  • Build + Test : Game Version 4.2.32x


Download  box.net } - Default  + Contact
Download { MTS } - Default  + Contact

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  1. when is your skintone going to be released?
    i really want it!

  2. I snagged both of these over at MTS, and I can't wait to use them, thank you! :)

  3. Anonymous:
    Maybe within the next few days, maybe. Thanks.

    Thanks. Hope you'll like it.

  4. These look great, but if I'm honest I was disappointed that one of the three recolourable channels didn't recolour the sclera rather than the ring around the iris. A recolourable sclera on contacts is awesome for making black alien-like eyes. Maybe you could make a version with a recolourable sclera? I'd make it myself but I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. Either way the defaults really make me want to switch to maxis match. Great work!

  5. Anon@Aug 9, 2010 1:23:00 AM
    That's it! That's it!
    At first, I was going to make it so. But I've completely forgotten about it.
    I think I need to update my contacts. Probably the makeup categories have 4 channels.
    Anyway, thanks for the nice opinion. Thanks.

  6. I'm going to download these and install them on my mother's game secretly along with the face! She doesn't like CC, but she'll be pleasantly surprised to see how much nicer her simmies look!! <33

  7. Miss Harlequin
    Thanks! Enjoy your story : ) And I 'm relieved to hear that your mother liked my stuff. LOL!
    ...And sorry for delay. Blogger had some serious problems lately.

  8. Do these work with the new way of handling custom content? Ever since I witched to the new way these defaults eyes and even the faces haven't worked at all.

  9. Dude that sim there looks like Nicholas Cage xD BTW I love the 3color lenses :D


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