Lip Line for Everybody

June 25, 2017

These are very simple lip line for all ages/both genders. They have four depths. And they line up 4 categories. (Lipstick, facepaint, facial detail - dimple left, dimple Right) The first picture models are using custom skin (right girl; heihu's face overlay, left freckle skin; zohnny jest's mashup face overlay. Thanks so much!). Second picture is using default skin. So I recycled my "TS3 super sheer lipstick" texture for these lip line.

Type ---------- Makeup - Lipstick/facepaint, Facial detail - dimple left/dimple Right
Gender ---------- Unisex
Age ---------- All (Toddler to Elder)
Swatch ---------- 4
Random ---------- Disable
Thumbnail ---------- Custom
Requirement ---------- The Sims 4 (BG)
Content ---------- Includes 4 packages


📥"DOWNLOAD" opens new window, and go to or start to download from  SimFileShere via AdFlay. If you have a trouble with AdFlay, please direct download from my SimFileShare folder.
Thanks for your support ☺

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